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Way 2 Go Magazine Feature

The new "BMW" version pedal power tandem
Way 2 Go

Dean & Anja are featured in the Winter Edition of "Way 2 Go" travel magazine and will be available in newsagents from Friday 8th May 2009. They are still keeping up with their cycling endeavours and plan to join in this years Coast to Coast Cairns to Karumba Bike Ride in June. Did a training run from Cairns to Daintree on Tuesday morning, 112km ride in about 4.5 hours.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Dean and Anja arrive back in Cairns from Perth at 4.35am Saturday 2nd August.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "comment": AMAZING journey!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed it... Now i look forward to seeing you both again and sharing the stories face to face.. I cant help but wonder if you are planning another..mmmm??And to top it all off you meet a new member of the family..CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a gorgoeous little bundle...Bloody push bikes...Dont make em strong enough hey? You guys gave that pushie what for.. I sooo laughed anja when u described the noise of far off cars to then only discover it was your trailer doing its upmost to over take you..And i loved the sharing of the waters Anja... How amazing are those horizontal falls..I had shared a dvd last yr taken from the air and was mesmerized by them.. Our planet is bewildering... So probally my last comment now until we meet again which i am looking so forward to.. big love robyn xoxo

Monday, July 28, 2008


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Wow, i take my hat off to you both, what a huge achievment & such a great journey meeting new friends seeing spectacular country, spending time together, the heat, the breakdowns, & dust, no more whitie, hey blackie such challenges only make you stronger & still such beautiful positive attitudes...I must say i have trully missed you both & can't wait to see you guys...Anxious to travel myself now, what an inspiration!!Wont be by bike though obviously my physically movement will be arm lifts with a clodie in my hand...see ya soon DX

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Horizontal Waterfalls

Saturday 26 July. Dean and Anja have just returned from staying overnight on a pontoon by seaplane from Derby and experienced the spectacle of the horizontal waterfalls.

Saturday in Derby WA Emails from Anja

Croc spoting in our Durack riva bathroom
Durack bathroom
Ellenbrae luxury accom.
Gibb...err trak. Cockburn Ra.
2 mths since we saw the sea...did the horizontal falls tour...excellent. A must do from Derby or Broome. Will add those pics in camera later 2 finish blog site.

This is crazy Yoshi. He has ridden solo since Feb 08...leaving Cairns...Syd...Melb....Adel...Pth...Brme...headed 2 Darwin..then back 2 Daly waters bak 2 Cns. He would have done all headwind (sept perth - broome) that is a feat!! only 23 yrs old! (when we sed we were turning 46 & 60yr in Aug...he laughed & sed 'Oh my parents' meaning we are old farts like his folks. we're told the Jap govt. gives these tenacious people a sorta subsidy & job recommendation?? wil confirm this when Yoshi gets in contact with us bak in Cns in Oct

Good samaritans..carried sum gear ova

Saint Paul was one of those unassuming angels which we met outside Normanton...then again on the Gibb rd (3 times) always there 2 help anyone out. He took us & gear 2 Derby...& took us off the beaten trak (2 gorges... which we wouldn't have done on pushbike) planned 2 hook up the nxt nite 2 watch the 12mt tide come in. He quietly planned a chicken n salad dinner for us on the jetty..gosh how nice some people r. He sed most of the people in the van park he stayed at knew bout us... we were legends 2 him..he felt a legend by association. Cute huh.

split rim

Friday, July 25, 2008

New addittion to the Clapp clan !

Congratulations: Courtney and Drew on the birth of Taylan Danger
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CONGRATULATIONS POPPY & ANJA, he is sooooo very gorgeous, what a delightful photo i hope goog is okay, much love sent her way....And i love the name! Lots of hugs and kisses daniellex

Email fro Anja in Derby Friday afternoon.

We decided 2 leave Derby rather than going 2 Broome cos we may not get accom & may have 2 pay up 2 $300 per nite & spend X? 2 get there..bus or fly & up 2 xtra $400 ea ($700 )2 fly Broome- Perth.So its only cost us $295 each 2 flx Derby-Perth . We wrapped bike n gear up & sent that home...$400. 2nite we'll do the horizonal falls in a flight-jet boat-house boat...over nite on house boat then bak nxt morning. Our symbolic bottled 'Coral Sea Water' will meet the 'Indian Ocean Waters' 2 end our coast 2 coast ride.

All of the photos on the blog are from a mobile phone camera. The digital camera shots from the whole journey will be added on arrival back in Cairns next week.... so keep posted !

More from Derby - Pics from the Gibb River Road

Plague-iing pedal now desparate.

3000 km milestone ..b4 Mt Barnett
Bob did his best 2 fix the pedal
Pentacost range shade...
Pentacost riva


Rear wheel ratchet..rat shit
Sad end...gr8 effort & fantastic journey
The ride is over...just when the bum got into it & the road got better.! Life is a string of endless our 'desired' destination 2 Broome came short at 505 km. we could have gone 2 Broome..redone all repairs.. returned..reroad..2 prove..what. Bodies were willing...& on close inspection of rear wheel..the rim had split & was ready 2 collapse.

Friday 25 July Email from Anja in Derby WA

Thru our travels...leaving Innot Hot Springs Qld...traffic got less, hence awareness of traffic noise behind us became more acute. Sometimes we would hear a sound similar 2 a 4wheel drive with chunky tyres off in the distance but it never came. We eventually figured it was our we named it 'Wanabe'. Wanabe always wanted 2 pass us. Wanabe has been our only problem 2 having flat tyres...mainly due 2 patches leaking. Admittedly it started from a thorn...goathead or 3 corner jacks as some folks call em.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just finished call with Dean and Anja in Derby. Both are in good spirits and will stay in Derby until Monday before flying direct to Perth. Dean's youngest daughter, Courtney has just become a first time mum with a healthy baby boy, "Taylin Danger". They plan to stay a couple of days in Perth before heading back to Cairns on Thursday 1st August "Anja's Birthday". Will get an update of photos in the next day or so. They have decided to give Broome a miss as the tourist numbers are in their thousands at present and although a little disappointed in the breakdown they are both happy with their achievement. Click on the link to find out more on Derby.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "UPDATE THURSDAY 24TH JULY 6.00PM": Healthy baby BOY: sorry, I stand you corrected Vince Blogger!! great news you guys, all our love to Courtney and Drew and Taylan, All our congratulations to Dean and Anja, what an achievement!! We still stand by the saying, bloody stupid, but boy, we could never have done it..... Well done!!!! Love, Di and John. Posted by Anonymous to Dean & Anja's Savannah Way Ride at July 24, 2008 10:51 PM

Tandem Bike "CLAPPED OUT"

What a disappointment to get so near and yet so far! But well done, you guys! (Peter wants to know if you think the bike might be clapped-out .... ?!)Good luck for the rest of your trip.Cheers - Daphne and Peter

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Where The Bloody Hell Are They ? Broken down in Derby

Mon 21 what a day, reached 3000 km since leaving Cairns and over 300 on the Gibb River very rough but not as bad as the Roper Bar Track in the NT but tough enough to bugger our poor bike. Rachet in rear hub stopped driving so the pedals turned but the bike went nowhere. No way to fix without special tools. Worked out tapping with spanner engaged rachet until the next time we had to stop then a few ks down the corrugations the pedal went crook and we tried everything to screw it in, thread totally rs even a used green can failed to make a thread. Really stuffed now 450ks from Kununurra 500 odd from Broome and 50 from Mt Barnett. I hitched a ride to Mt Barnett and left Anja with the bike, nobody would help me at Mt Barnett so I pleaded with a local who organised a mate to go back and pick up Anja and bike for 3 dollars a kilometre, so it cost $300 to go 50k and back. We had no option at least we were together near food and water. Tues 22 local bloke drilled a tek screw into pedal to hold it on. We rode about 20ks and rear hub played up then pedal came loose and rear wheel broke a spoke. Time to give up as we had an offer of a ride with Paul who we met way back near Burketown when he stopped and offered us a drink and caught up with us again yesterday. So here we are in a 4wd heading for Derby only 200k of unsealed road and 320k of sealed road to Broome we would have made it by August 1st if our gear had been as tough as our bodies. Really pissed off that we got so close but feel a great sense of achievement in riding 1650km on the roughest roads in Oz and 1370km on sealed roads, Total 3020km. Only 585k left maybe if we can get the bike fixed we’ll get a rid back to where we broke down and finish the job. Great road too. The universe was reconfirming 2 stop!
Text from Anja at Mt. Barnett WA "Whilst I sat in the stix waiting 4 Dean 2 return with a vehicle 2 rescue the broken bike...I prepared 2 set up camp 4 myself...i had time 2 amuse myself. So i was 2.7 km from the nearest water & 49 km from the nearest coke vending machine. Quiet...exept '2' crows cawwing...waiting 2 pik my flesh. felt somewhat defeated but its only desire to finish this trip at Broome is why i was feeling defeated. Those that live in moment such as aborigines & backpackers always welcome new options when theres a breakdown. So maybe it was time 2 surrender. I wondered if Murdoch would pass by & give me a hand to set up camp incase Dean didn't come back that nite. Its now 3 hrs since Clappy took off....."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bungle Bungles - Argyle Diamond Mine

Argyle Diamond Mine
Bungle Bungles
Bungle Bungles - another plane - busier than Daintree
Argyle Diamond Mine
Bungle Bungles
Dean, Anja, Dean
Argyle Diamond Mine

Fantastic trip over Bungles,Lake Argyle & Argyle diamond mine. A must do via aircraft if u ever make it this way. Pilot, Dean gave us a gr8 commentary. we got a dvd with it. we went Sling air& theres Alligator air.We may be out of mobile range 4 some days after wed 16th so leave a txt.We r doing the Gibb River Road -( GRR) We often switch the mobile on 2 take photos hence where there's signal we get yr sms...& there r a few days before we might b able 2 recharge the ph batteries. We could do the GRR in roughly 14days..2 days in Derby & 2days in Broome. We're keen 2 get to Courtney (Deans daughter) in Perth who is due 2 have her 1st new bub but is having some heavy bleeds pre-term. hang in there girl. Take care all..& if your not having fun...your not doing it right. AnD xx

ABC Radio Interview Click here to download podcast of Mondays interview

The Kununurra Penthouse
Times when the road is long or we r feeling creative...we play games about the caravans, the company brand names such as Coromal, Destiny, Phoenix, Lotus, Crusaider, Road King, Royal Flair...& sometimes they have thier names on em...Mick& Ellen, Bob n Shirl, Ian n Val, Ted & Mavis & we imagine their life in suburbia...& some of them r friendly, interactive with others(when we stay at van parks or camp spots) & others set up neat mats with chairs at right angles with motionless couples..sipping rum n coke with an expression of 'is this all there is...when do we start having fun'. We wonder if all they seek is a new direction in life or just move their issues 2 another place in expensive little boxes on wheels. Life is marvelous.

Day 45 - Rn'R Day in Kununurra, West Australia

robyn has left a new comment on your post "Tonight "Live on ABC Radio Queensland" From Kununu...": HELLO ALL! firstly i want to wish vince a fast recovery..and also a big thankyou vince for doing such a fine job of dean n anjas blog..How delightful to hear your voices this day dean n anja.. gosh it feels longer than 44 days youve been gone..How are those BOAB trees? if they are in seed anja id love for you to bring me one home.. they look stunning on my home made mobiles..anja i laughed belly deep to see your humour with the chicken bones on deans seat.. very creative you are love.. And dean if i have ur permission i will start n charge $80 for a cruise on the i wonder did u guys get an FOC and have a trip up the victoria river...???Im pleased to know you will rest a few days.. the sick bags for that small plane flight u plan to take over the argyle diamond mine and bungle bungles are tucked right there in front of you.. oh my tummy can still feel is busy back home and all of us r working as a great team.. Its not the same without you guys tho...take care..warm love... robyn xoxo Posted by robyn to Dean & Anja's Savannah Way Ride at July 14, 2008 11:20 PM

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tonight "Live on ABC Radio Queensland" From Kununurra

Katherine 2 2 tourist trade..busy grey nomad path..lotsa triple trailer trucks too. Started off hard going..crosshead wind til the scenery changed 2 rocky outcrops, nites cooler, days warmer..We'll spend a couple of days here in Kununurra, RnR doing some sight seeing flying over Lake Argyle & Bungle Bungles & Diamond Mine. Dean still in pain with back..goes into spasms when he wakes...turning into Nurophen junkie...all massage n chiro work appears tempory relief. Am going outside the square and do some cranio wk on him. Big thx 2 black butt Vince (ask him bout that) and to Michael 4 taking such good care of my Y generation teenagers & the business & all staff of Croc X who r doing so 2 family & friends..miss yas AnD xxx ps deans interview with ABC radio 8.45 - 9pm monday 14th july. Vince will put a 'pod' attachment 2 blog site if u miss it.

Another post from Anja
"Resting at quarantine station at WA border, I walked over with 2nd can of coke, under the tree we were rest at when I noticed a 'plop' fell out of the tree...Dean stirring from slumber cursed the bird (corella) that shat right on his hat & ear...I was bent over with laughter & he moved to another spot...2 birds chortling in mischievious laughter whilst Dean, reading a book, reposition thier perch above him...sending another wet message which almost landed on his book...thought this good luck...but twice under a corella conspiracy.?!"

Hi Vince,Dean told us today about your bruised backside, hope you are ok. They soundgreat they must have had a good break from the dusty and rough roads.Cheers Dawn

Day 44 - They have reached Kununurra, West Australia

Harrh..........Grahame Clapp...we made WA border... what was the bet!
Saddle Creek ...Pinkerton Range
Saddle Creek ...near our camp
The MAN with a can with a bottle tree
$80 River Cruises on Victoria River. Who said the Daintree was expensive at $22 !

Dean's new tour idea when he gets back ... bikes courtesy of St.Vinnies
Chopper ride over Victoria River
Cockatoo Springs ... the castle & kitchen

Well they have reached the wild west! Resting up in local van park for a couple of days. Caravan Park asked if they like to know where to go to around Kununarra.... Dean replied the first stop is a cold beer. Where is the PUB? They plan to take in some flights over the Bungle Bungles whilst in Kununarra.

Still got the Gibb River road to tackle yet!